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“We have a track record of exceptional customer service & a high level of education."

We are more than a solid solar installer. We are also backed by a dynamic operations team. This distinction has a direct and impactful effect on both our customers and the experience of our sales reps.

CEO Message

Ohm Solar Solutions under the leadership of its CEO, Cody Pitts, has embarked on a remarkable journey over the past four years, transforming itself into the most successful solar installer north of Sacramento. Central to this success has been the company's commitment to treating its employees fairly and offering abundant opportunities for growth, resulting in an impressively low turnover rate. Ohm Solar Solutions has defied conventional wisdom by building a unique culture that sets it apart from other businesses in the region.

Through unwavering dedication to this approach, Ohm Solar Solutions has achieved remarkable success. This achievement can be attributed to the exceptional quality and dedication of its highly valued employees. These individuals have found a sense of belonging within the company, constantly striving to improve themselves and provide outstanding service to customers. The relationships forged between Ohm Solar Solutions and its clientele have resulted in an influx of rave reviews, propelling the company's reputation to new heights.

Ohm has not only defied expectations but also pioneered a new way of conducting business in the region. By prioritizing fairness and valuing the relationships with its employees and customers, we have proven our longevity as a company. It has become a beacon of success and a shining example for others to follow. With its extraordinary growth and a culture that embodies integrity and commitment, Ohm Solar Solutions continues to revolutionize the solar industry and inspire others to embrace a fair and customer-centric model of operations.

Cody Pitts

CEO, Part Owner

Success Stories

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed

Fahredin Nushi

CRO, Part Owner

Fahredin Nushi lives his passion every day. At the age of 20, he embarked on a journey that would shape his future. Door knocking became his gateway to a world of opportu- nities, where he discovered his knack for connecting with people. Two years later, in 2019, he took a leap of faith and established his own solar installation company in Chico, CA—OHM Solar Solutions. With a strong vision and unwa- vering determination, he built a team of exceptional sales- men, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Now, at the age of 26, he finds himself thriving, living the dream he envisioned. HIs journey has taken him beyond doorsteps—he now stand on stages at convention centers, sharing his experiences, educating others, and inspiring them to chase their dreams. He sees each day as new possibilities and is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

Ryan Wright

Sr. Manager, Part Owner

To say the solar industry has changed Ryan’s life would be an understatement. In 2018, a massive wildfire swept through his hometown of Paradise, CA, leveling 90% of everything in its path. His home was one of the thousands consumed in the fire. As a result of the fire, he had to leave a 21 year career serving youth and their families. It was scary for him to try to lead his family after the fire. Fortu- nately, he was encouraged to consider a career in the solar industry, something he knew nothing about. Long story short, this industry has changed his life. In 2022 he received a Golden Door Award, which is reserved for the top 1% of solar professionals across the nation. What he loves most about OHM Solar Solutions is being able to take what he learned in his pre-wildfire career, and apply it to this indus- try. As part owner of OHM, he’s passionate about serving homeowners with excellence, and providing them an overall great solar experience. He’s equally passionate about giving others the same long term career opportunity he’s been able to benefit from.

Cody Pitts

CEO, Part Owner

Cody has worked in the solar industry for 11 years. He started in the trenches to find out all of the successful ways to run an EPC business and had some failures along the way. Gaining information and adapting skills to become his own boss was a huge achievement for him personally. He now owns & operates Ohm Solar Solutions and Allegiant Roofing. Cody's drive in these companies is to aspire to be a leader. A leader that creates new leaders amongst the company. Cody likes working WITH motivated people rather than over them. This is why Cody has created so many opportunities for his staff of friends and family already working with him.

Christian DeLuca

President of Sales, Part Owner

As a sales leader, his passion lies in training salespeople, building exceptional teams, and fostering personal and professional growth. Throughout his career, he’s achieved significant milestones. One of these accomplishments includes surpassing $3.5 million in personal revenue in a single year and winning a golden door award. These achievements have taught him invaluable lessons about what it takes to drive exceptional results in the sales industry. However, what truly drives him is not just personal success, but the opportunity to create an environment where talented individuals can focus on their overall self-develop- ment. “Your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude”- Zig Ziglar. He’s strives to cultivate a team that values collaboration, continuous learning, and personal growth. His vision is to work alongside the most talented people in the industry, fostering an environment that nurtures individuals and enables them to thrive both personally and professionally.

Jake Hess

CVO - Chief Visionary Officer

Jake started selling solar door to door in 2013 after leaving his 8 year career in home security. Two years into selling solar, he created his first company. Heliogold became known as one of the first ever redline model companies breaking the barrier for how many businesses operate in solar today. After selling that company, Jake went on to build The Solar Academy. Aside from holding events across the country for sales professionals and businesses to learn, market, and brand themselves, The Solar Academy has built the most impactful online training content for any level in solar. Jake is also known for founding and building the largest conference in the solar industry called SolarCon. He grew this business in 7 months. He used his national influ- ence to promote the event that now hosts the largest names and businesses in solar and is considered the pinna- cle of conference experiences in many industries. He is now working on three new projects with some of the most powerful people in the solar industry to further improve the selling and operating experiences for all those that operate in it. Jake is considered one of the industry’s highest performers at marketing, sales, creating businesses, consulting, and extensive solar knowledge.

Jader Leao

Regional Sales Manager

Jadi has been in the sales industry for 17 years. Starting as a sales rep sweating, walking and knocking his way to leadership. He has used the skills he’s learned along the way from all his mentors over the years to lead, grow teams, and become who he is now in the sales industry. He loves meeting new people and helping individuals and teams meet their goals and living up to their potential. His current mission is to help “thousands of people to become VIPs ( Visionary, Identified, and Purposeful)” in their life and career. His passion to work hard, add value, and make positive change in the environments is a wonderful trait he possess- es. He takes pride in working hard for his wife and four kids.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Success is not about being the best.

It’s about being better than you were yesterday.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Each step we take towards renewable sources is a step closer to a sustainable world.

Sir Richard Branson

Let us strive, not just a shield of the environment, but to forge a realitywhere the well-being of our planet is inherent in every action we take.


What Do We Do for Your Homeowners?


We have somebody to answer the phone anytime the customer calls and cannot get in touch with you so they feel like they are always taken care of and always able to get ahold of us when they need to the most.


Your customers will receive a handwritten Thank You card from our admin department that is posted from you thanking them for their trust in you and if they had a good experience, to write about you on Facebook or Yelp.


In the mail, they will receive a surprise package thanking them again for trusting you and congratulating them on switching to solar. This will also be posted from you.

Why switch?

What Do We Do for You?



Designs back within 24 hours



Support from all leaders anytime you call



Secretary to make calls on your behalf



Freedom on commission structure



All tools needed for organizing your customers



All gifts, cards, and reviews are for you



In-home sales support from the top producers



Notify you of your customers progress

Getting 5 Stars Looks Like This...

We believe in our sales process and have a 99% site survey to install ratio and 5 star Yelp and Facebook reviews to show for it. Our installers trust our accounts because They know our process provides top quality results. This gets everybody paid faster and saves on unnecessary expenses.

Submit for Design Request

Generate enough interest with the customer to explain, in full, the checklist sheet for a design and have it signed. Leave a contract with them. Make sure they know to read through the contract and mark it with questions. Schedule a definitive second appointment for two to four days out.

Submit Any New Docs or Notes

Hear out any of the concerns and draw more out. Once the concerns are resolved, show the proposal. Once the proposal is understood, show the design. Ask if they want any more power or if they are comfortable with the offer. Send the credit check and have them complete it. Schedule a third meeting for a site inspection.

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